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DR Congo has some of the finest cuisine offered by local restaurants. We have made it our mission to partner with these restaurants to bring your favorite meals straight to your doorstep.

We all have those ‘lazy days’ where the craving is real but the thought of going out to eat or collect takeaways makes you cringe. When these ‘lazy days’ strike, do not fear! CongoEats allows you to effortlessly browse a wide variety of restaurants in your area to find the perfect meal to satisfy your every craving.
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Make your money go further with CongoEat’s weekly and seasonal specials. Make use of our filters to define the type of cuisine you are craving and discover whether any restaurants in your area are offering a special. If your tummy has already decided what it wants, browse our specials to see if the meal you are craving is being offered at a reduced rate from your local joint.

When one of life’s special moments arise you need the perfect meal to accompany it. Whether you are ordering takeaways for date night or making a reservation for your 10th wedding anniversary, you can browse our specials to discover if your dream meal is on special somewhere near to you!

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There is always a reason to celebrate, so why not do it over a good meal? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a college graduation or you simply need a place to meet up with your blind date, we have a meal for every moment.

CongoEats has made it easier than ever to browse your local restaurants and make a reservation online. Feel like a VIP when you arrive by booking a table for you and your friends or family in advance.
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The CongoEats team prides themselves on making life just a little easier for you. It is for this reason that we have made it possible for you to pay for your order by cash or card.

If you prefer to pay by card, you will be asked for your card details when placing your order. If cash is king, you can make it rain with your dollar bills when the delivery man arrives.
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Once your order has been placed your tummy will probably start to grumble. To keep the grumbles at bay, you will receive a notification and email notifying you when your order has been confirmed, when the food is on the road and when your order has been completed. Once completed, you will have the opportunity to review your experience with CongoEats.