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As a restaurant owner, your online presence is vital in retaining existing customers and attracting potential customers. Grow your online presence by advertising on the CongoEats platform. For every marketing dollar you spend, CongoEats will ensure you see a positive return on investment.

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Advertising Opportunities


Expand your online marketing reach through utilizing our variety of personalized ad banner options available on both our app and web platforms.


To be a step ahead of the competition you must be visible. Your restaurant can be featured via multiple methods. Feature your restaurant in the top selections, send push notifications via location-based advertising, feature in our newsletter or create promotional codes for our database.

CongoEats is the advertising platform for you

Be more visible

Increase the visibility of your restaurant, to get more feet through the door and receive more takeaway orders, when you advertise with CongoEats.

Location-based advertising

Showcase your restaurant to relevant customers who search within specific areas and categories.

Track your Performance

Receive in-depth analytics into the performance and response of your advertising campaigns.

Lower your marketing costs

Traditionally less expensive that TV and radio ads, online marketing is an effective and cost-effective advertising medium.